Pollack caviar

Pollack is always popular owing to its availability, useful properties and easy cooking. In the world ocean this fish is almost the most widespread, despite of the fixed annual catching which is conducted mainly by the USA and Russia. Caviar of pollack is very valuable, as well as its meat and milts. These products are not delicacies, but are recommended to all people – from children up to elderly persons, and they represent raw material for industrial needs (cosmetology, pharmaceutics, veterinary, agricultural activity).

Catching usually takes place during spawning. In Asia many centuries ago fishermen salted roes while viscerating pollack in order to add caviar into different dishes. In Russia this tradition has appeared recently. Due to the technological progress processing of fish interiors became possible right after catching: caviar is frozen and sold. Pollack caviar is beige or pink, after defreezing it looks like porridge. It can be added to different sauces, fried, boiled or baked.