Black halibut tails

Black halibut is famous for its dietary fatty meat, saturated bright flavour and a nice combination of vitamins and minerals necessary for a human body. This kind of fish gets into nets more often than others, and hence it is the most common on store shelves.

 Scientists have proven that halibut meat is an excellent antioxidant, capable to strengthen the immune system and fight with a terrible disease, called oncology. Thus, even its smallest parts will be good for any table and fulfill their function.

 Frozen tails of halibut black are sold separately from carcasses and are used in different spheres. At home is a great economical product for soups, pies, fried 'crisps.' In the food industry, they are used for the production of minced meat, from which enterprises produce patties, chops, ravioli, etc. In cosmetology, fat halibut is irreplaceable for creams and ointments: they prevent development of skin infections, allergies, foster youth and firmness of turgor, used as a prophylaxis of acne (pimples), as well as quickly heal small cuts and skin damages.

 Halibut is used in healthcare. High content of vitamin D and selenium helps to excrete toxins, restore liver; and vitamin A is the raw material for production of vitamin A fat capsules.