Halibut tails

Halibut is a valuable fish, rich in vitamins and minerals. Processing takes place immediately after catching: a fish trunk is eviscerated, relieved from a head and a tail, then sorted and frozen, thus there are a few categories of products. Everything is good for eating (fillet, heads, livers, caviar).

 Frozen white halibut tails are used in the gastronomic industry and in the industrial field. Very often cut parts of valuable fish are minced in enterprises, and from this, they produce nuggets, chops, fish cutlets, meatballs, ravioli, etc. Also it is a perfect raw material for fish flour needed to fertilize the land and feeding livestock.

There are many recipes for home cooking: tails can be boiled, fried, added in pies, salted and marinated. Fish soup is very nutritious. Fried breaded tails are an excellent crispy delicacy, suitable for any table. This delicacy meat has a pleasant sweet taste that can be felt even when adding the fish as an ingredient, for example, in pies, and useful vitamins perfectly digested by the body.