Cod heads

Cod is large fish popular all over the world. Its meat, caviar, stomach and liver are very valuable, as they contain a huge quantity of useful substances and microcells. Dishes from this fish are very nutritious and tasty, but low-calorie: 100 gr of fillet has only 80 kcal, which provides the way to consider this product diet.

This fish is sold full or cut (bellies, heads). Meat of cod is dense, does not crumble, therefore it is good for frying, steaming, boiling, baking, stewing. In combination with proper components it gives unique taste and aroma. It is remarkable, that both a body and internal organs are suitable for eating and the industry. For example, frozen heads of cod are an available product, good for tremendous nutritious fish soup, but it is also applied in agricultural or veterinary activity, and tongues and cheeks, considered as a delicacy in Norway, get an increasing popularity in the food branch – these original semifinished items have already appeared on sale. Frozen fish, undoubtedly, is appreciated more, than dried or jerked, as it keeps all the useful substances, however, it is necessary to pay attention to the expiry date – it is not more than 9 months.