Black halibut heads

Black or blue halibut lives in cold seas and is the second on weight and growth after white halibut, however, its meat is fatter and more nutritious. This flat small fish, like all in flounder family, has an interesting face structure: its eyes are on one side (mainly right), and right under them there is a mouth, and despite a head being small, it is fleshy enough – after removal of bones and gills there is a lot of a valuable tasty substance, suitable for meal.

It is sold fresh, smoked, salty or preserved. Bodies on counters are full or headless, and frozen heads of halibut black can be bought separately, it is a fine delicacy at a reasonable price.

Many recipes have reached us from old times, others have appeared recently. For example, in Russia of old times the dish from halibut’s head with horse-radish and vinegar was very popular (this way of cooking helped to get rid of the fish-oil flavour and the product was longer stored). Nowadays, in Scandinavian countries they barbeque halibut bodies, absorbed soft creamy sauce (it helps to get rid of fat surpluses). In Finland while cooking they put a pine branch with needles for smell and spiciness, and in England they bake a traditional pie from heads with shrimps and lobsters.