White halibut heads

Halibut has been famous for its flavouring qualities since old times. A tail, a body, a head, caviar and a liver are good for eating. It is sold fresh, smoked, salty, pickled or tinned, whole or cut (the fish is large, therefore quite often a consumer is offered ready semifinished items: a fillet, a stake, etc.)

Also, quite often frozen heads of White Halibut are sold. They have a lot of tasty meat from which it is possible to cook not less than hundreds of appetizing, nutritious dishes. For example, in England they traditionally cook a fish pie with boiled, cleared from bones and gills heads, and on the basis of rich broth they usually cook a soup, which is very convenient for any housewife, as it is economical and profitable. Heads can be baked or stewed with vegetables and spices; to cook this fish is easy and quick. The meat itself is diet, but while fried it actively absorbs oil, which raises the caloric content of a ready dish almost 5 times. During thermal processing halibut partially loses its useful contents.