Interrybflot LLC started its activity in 1999. We have been a large supplier of high-quality fresh seafood to the market of Primorskiy Region, the Far East, Korea, China, the United States, and Taiwan for 16 years.

 The company owns two transport refrigerators to deliver cargoes from the place of fishing to the seaport, two vessels of long-line catching, one vessel of trap catching with the equipment for processing, one BFFT (the Big Freezing Fishing Trawler) with a trawl fishing tool.

 All the vessels are regularly examined, repaired and modernized; they are equipped with up-to-date tracking and fishing systems. This ensures the safety of the crew, provides the convenient work in the open sea and the increase in fishing, which influence directly the amount of semifinished products produced just after catching.

 The company mission: to provide consumers with high-quality affordable seafood, while taking care of water biological resources.

We care about future, so diligently follow prescribed rules for catching seafood and do not pollute seawaters. All our specialists are qualified experts in their field. We are proud of providing good jobs, ensuring excellent conditions of work and competitive salaries. The crew is represented by professionals only. Our vessels are equipped with satellite TV, the Internet, excellent fresh food, a necessary set of medicines and means of assistance, as well as modern security systems.


 The company increases fishing volumes annually. In 2012 the amount of the caught products was 14458 tons, and by 2014 it had been doubled - 33196 tons. Catching of crabs in 2012 was 1078 tons and in 2014 - 1855 tons.

 Also, the production increased: in 2012 we had 12071 tons of fresh-frozen products, which had increased up to 21666 tons by 2014. The same was with crabs: 2012 – 655 tons, 2014 – 1125 tons.

Such improvements became possible thanks to introducing of new technologies and the work of highly qualified specialists. Besides, we constantly develop new objects of fishing and expand areas of catching that give very good results.


 We are proud of the quality of our goods. Every year we are awarded by different large domestic and foreign organizations and companies in a variety of categories.

 2003- The International Golden Medal for quality of the independent organization Business Initiative Directions (BID), which notes the most advanced and innovative companies all over the world;

 2005- The Diploma for the high quality in accordance with the European Standard of Oxford European business Assembly;

 2013- The Diploma for the active business activities in supplying the food market of Primorskiy Region of Seaside Chamber of Commerce.

Also, the company has the Golden Maecenas Diploma, the thankful letter from the administration of Vladivostok City for helping veterans in the Great Patriotic War, etc.

 We are always open to a dialogue! We are ready to cooperate with domestic and foreign organizations and offer comfortable working conditions!