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Long-line The choice of fishing method depends on the type of marine inhabitants, the depth and their way of life, as well as on measures of maintenance of ecological security. Details
Trawl Perhaps, the most widespread method of industrial fishery is trawling. During the autumn-winter period it is possible to meet sea expeditions aimed at catching marine inhabitants. Fishing vessels with trawls of various types and designs perform their work to provide different countries and continents with sea production. Details
Seine When is a Danish seine suitable? This method is perfect for a spring-summer period, when it becomes impossible to use a trawl method, and herring is still not active. From October till January pollack is caught; in spring and in an autumn-winter period cod and flounder are caught. Details
Trap Crab is a delicacy popular not only in Russia, but also all over the world. People have been using crabmeat for various dishes, which is not surprising, as crabmeat is very good for health and tastes unforgettably. Details