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Red salmon

Red salmon (lat. Oncorhynchus nerka) is a big red fish red with a green head, belonging to the salmon family. It resides the Pacific Ocean. Also, it can be found near the coasts of Alaska, Kamchatka, Sakhalin, Hokkaido, in the Anadyr River. Depending on the area, there exist several types: through, dwarf, self-replicating.

Usual red salmon living in Russia is up to 80 cm and to 4 kg (the record officially recorded weight is 7.7 kg).

Red salmons spawn in fresh water from May to July. This fish possesses a topographic memory, typical of this kind: it always returns exactly whence came out itself. It selects areas with spring and running water. The path to them is not always easy: there are where the fish have to crawl over sharp stones on the water surface, risking its life: the fish becomes an easy prey for birds, bears, people. After spawning it dies.  

The fish eats crayfish, painted in red with a special pigment that also colours the red salmon meat, which explains why its meat differs from other salmons. The product is a delicacy; its flavour qualities are much better in comparison with humpback and chum salmons.